Behold my latest and perhaps greatest claim to fame: a mention in this week’s VillageVoice cartoon issue!

My bit is on page three, and I think you will agree that I come across as much hungrier and more desperate than the rest of my peers. My place as the poster child for a vegetating dream without a DNR remains intact!

I have been told by some commentors that perhaps some of you never make it past the comic strip to read my blogs. Well, for those of you who have, hello! You are the elite of the elite, my Fedaykin, my fighting Uruk Hai! So let me use the occasion of my modest fame through the VV to give you some extra nitty gritty regarding the ever expanding project that is Weapon Brown.

As many of you have lamented, this particular feature of, though it is now the dominant presence, will not go on indefinitely. My honest-to-Josh hope is that Chucks adventures will be wrapped up and printed as a thick, manly graphic novel by the time the New York Comicon rolls around in October. This only puts me a year and a half past my intended wrap up date, so great planning on my part!

In order to make this happen and get Weapon Brown in stores I will have to hustle. And by hustle I mean bust my ass as well as raise some scratch. (a million fans roll their eyes. THIS again.) If you read theVillage Voice article, you will get a pretty accurate portrait of the life of a cartoonist. A lot of love, not a lot of dough. I’m not complaining. All I’m saying is that when I shake my tin cup, it isn’t because I like the sound of clinking pennies.

But I know you understand that. You guys are awesome, and your purchases of Megaton Packs and artwork do keep this operation afloat. My hope is that, if you really do enjoy Weapon Brown, you will go that extra yard to help it reach its final glory.

Very soon I will begin a pre-order sale for the Weapon Brown graphic novel that will last for however many months it takes to raise the printing cost of a couple thousand copies. I will be making this into a sweepstakes, with several different very cool prizes offered to entice you to buy the final exciting product, which will have a lot of extra neatness inside that you haven’t seen yet. I will be chasing this with a Kickstarter campaign to raise some of that money, as well as take out ads to promote the graphic novel. In addition, I need to raise the bread to buy my table at the New York Comicon, where I plan to debut the finished product.

What can you do? Well, first off, keep doing what you are doing! Read and comment and keep the community strong. Have you visited the Comic Strip Megathread at They talk about me all the time, plus there’s all sorts of kewl folks there. Join the forum! Make new friends! And build golden altars to Weapon Brown while you are at it!

To that point, the number one thing I need is more word of mouth. If you were even to link to my website once from your own website, or while commenting in a forum, Facebook, FourSquare, Tweetspace, etc., it would be a huge help. Every bit of extra attention makes me stronger!

Finally, the Great Weapon Brown Art Sale is close to its goal, and only a handful of extra sales is all I need to finish raising $1000.00 for all the things I have just described. The artwork will never be this cheap again, and you know how awesome it will look lying on your coffee table, collecting cracker crumbs and your cat’s paw prints.

You guys are part of something special, and there are no fans like cult fans! And hey, if you think there is a way to promote this enterprise that I am unaware of, don’t hesitate to recommend it.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled porn surfing.