UPDATE: E-Bay took down my auction due to miscategorization. They wanted to make sure that it was accessible by people specifically looking for “anal” instead of “art”. It’s back now.

My New Year’s Rockin’ Eve took me to New York City where I braved mountains of melting slush to get drunk and do crude caricatures for the reveller’s at Cassidy’s Pub on… some street. How could I recall? I was sloshed!

Naturally I could not be expected to get a strip done on time. That would have been asking quite a lot! Timeliness was not one of my resolutions, and you are selfish to suggest it should have been! So this week’s strips will be Wednesday and Friday. Ohhhh, but they are going to be so worth it, believe me.

That does not mean you must go art free however, no no no! Behold the sexy piece of goodness I am selling on E-Bay this week. This is Roulette, a nawty Russian assassin who has learned that stark nudity is a perfect means to distract her targets and send them to hell with a smile. This art is 11″ x 17″, executed in pen and ink, watercolor and colored pencil on 3-ply Strathmore Bristol. Give yourself that Christmas present you were hoping to get but didn’t by bidding today!