Today, Crooks and Liars brings us some commentary on a television piece done by Phoneix, AZ’s local Fox affiliate on Neo Nazis, but they miss the subtext.

Jabba the Nut: J.T Ready

In an investigative piece, Phoneix’s Fox 10 reports on the shennanigans of J.T. Ready, a blubbery local Nazi and his tribe of disaffected meth addicts and unemployed baby daddies, but the reporter’s lead-in gives the game away:

“The signs, the flags, the pins, the websites. Everywhere you look, Socialist, Nazi, Skinhead… by any name they are here.”

Now, anyone who doesn’t think Fox knows what it  is doing when they incorrectly identify Nazis as socialists just isn’t paying attention. Indeed, though the rest of the segment correctly refers to the uptick in National Socialist hate-mongering, the excessive use of that very term is a bit suspicious in itself, as if Fox prefers it to Nazi, or even neo-Nazi.

Paranoid? Nitpicky? I think not. Propaganda is not a thing which is always represented by its broad strokes. Small moves are needed as well, sort of like poking a fire with a stick to nudge the wood back into the flame. In recent months, “Nazi” and “Socialism” are terms that have dominated the output of the national Fox network. Why then would their affilaites not want to get in on the act?

And really, what percentage of Fox viewers do you think even understand the difference between Socialism and National Socialism, especially after Glenn Beck and the D-Bag movement have worked so hard to marry them?