Today is the highest of all America’s High Holy Days, 4:20. On this day we celebrate the precious hemp plant given to us by our red brothers on the day of the Pilgrims’ landing. This miraculous leafy green vegetable, which won us the Revolution, fed our soldiers in World War II and cured polio, was later found to have an unexpected and wondrous spiritual side-effect: it can get you incredibly wrecked. Don’t shy from indulging in this more recent and delightful discovery today while you are knitting your traditional 4:20 hemp merkins with grandma.

As is traditional for the week of 4:20, all labor and toil and expected comic strip updates are put on hold in so that all may enjoy the delightfully unpredictable gift of the 4:20 Wonder Wagoo! For this year’s Wagoo, I offer you this classic tale of how hemp saved an otherwise boring evening for a group of friends and taught them the real meaning of 4:20. Enjoy Best Buds!