Wait, wait! I’m still here! Don’t go reading any of my competition just because you haven’t been getting your twice-weekly IV injection of purest action. January 19th is only a week away, and then the adventure begins again!

Why not watch some movie trailers while you wait, kinda build up the excitement? Load up on that tough-guy saying “In a world where {insert some crazy crap here}, one man will {insert macho bullshit here},” and so forth.

Aw. That guy died, actually. Now I am sad. The return of Weapon Brown will be sad occasion, I guess.

No! Goddamnit, it does not have to be that way! Mr Tough Voice is gone, but his spirit lives on in a nation that is about to crap out the worst president in living memory and flush our way to a hopeful tomorrow! That is what the return of Weapon Brown will be! Brown and daring, like our new president!

I’m feeling better already! In a world where George Bush will be easier for an angry lunatic to pick off with a hunting bow, one man will take the reigns of American power and ride us like the bad, bad ponies we know we are!

Okay, maybe that’s just my personal wish for the Obama presidency. Point is…um…new comics next week!!