December 11th’s installment of Weapon Brown iz quite zee nice cliffhanger, non? I hope I can ask for you to hold onto that cliff a little longer than extra…I must again take one of my brief hiatuses.             

No! Don’t surrender to gravity! It is all for the best! With the New York Comicon approaching in February, I have determined to collect the current Weapon Brown material into a whole new 48 page comic book, part one of two issues that will encompass the entirety of Blockhead’s War before I collect everything into the trade paperback I have been tantalizing you with for a while.

And so, I am taking a month off to prepare this volume and also to bank the next set of story pages so I can keep up with my weekly schedule. The good news is that you will get a whole new Weapon Brown comic to own (with a very sexy cover that I have already painted, I might add. Can’t wait to show you!) It will also be highly collectible, since I will only be selling it at shows and online until the trade comes out next summer, and then never again. That’s worth a little nap time, right?

Don’t get me wrong–I hate going on these breaks. I don’t like interrupting my flow, and I never like to risk losing any fans. If you have been enjoying the strip, pretty please join my mailing list so I can let you know when it’s back. Just click here and make “SUBSCRIBE” your subject line. I promise: I send e-mails only rarely with relevant announcements about new products and other crucial goodness. And you can remove yourself with ease. jooooin ussssss

In the meantime, the website will continue with regular updates, so keep coming back anyway, not the least reason being to bid on my awesome art auctions like the one below!

“I’m sorry, Mr. Leonidas. You cannot dine in hell without a dinner jacket.”


This is the one, the only Leonidas of SPARTAAAAAA! The art is 11 x 14, pen&ink and watercolor on bristol, and fairly sizzles with drama. This piece is a departure for me, since my art is usually either full color or only black and white. Should look great under any Christmas tree! Go here to bid!