Happy Halloween, boys and GIRLS! Heheheheheheheheeee!
Oh, wait…that should have been “boys and ghouls.” Goddamnit. Another holiday ruined.
Well, Let’s try to make the best of it, Here is my promised Halloween goodie, a fun-sized candy bar of creepiness I call…Fucktastrophe 2008!
Chad and Chad hunker down and try to ride out the financial storm of the century, while a frightened Unmerica summons Roadkill to decide who will be the next leader of the wreckage of the free world. This took me twice as long to create as I thought, so enjoy it three times as much and mail me the profit. 
And this cartoon isn’t only on my stinkin’ site, no sir. I’m all up in YouTube and NewGrounds’ grill as well! Check. It out. Chekkachek it out! Don’t be bashful with those votes and comments, either!