The drunken lugs at Comic Book Haters have done a video review of Weapon Brown! SEE them try to spot well-known cast members in my pages! HEAR them ask over and over where the Red Haired Girl is! WINCE as they inquire if the dog is Snoopy! Then COMPLIMENT them on their otherwise exquisite taste in comics.


 The CDC reports that the beneficent “Wall Street Bailout” conventional wisdom microbe has mutated into a virulent “Main Street Rescue Plan” infectuous bullshit meme, possibly due to exposure to toxic financial industry assets. This meme has already turned the Senate into a deadly hotzone, messing with lawmakers’ inner ear functions and causing them to spin wildly.

The House, earlier thought to be immune to this strain of virulent ear worm, may find their immune systems compromised, as politically pressurized environments provide for increased communicability. Health officials warn that bending over and taking it may be the only course of treatment.