As America braces for the reprecussions of the attack on our economy by al-Wall Street, now is the time to contact your senators and congressmen that you will be watching them like a hawk.

America’s credit card is now officially maxed, and taxes are definitely going up to be raised to pay for the bailout. Every penny that Congress doesn’t pinch as it calculates how to keep the monacled classes flush with caviar will be vacuumed directly from your wallet, and sooner rather than later. Remind our lawmakers that we are paying attention.


SPEAKING OF SHOPPING, a certain cartoonist who will remain nameless me! me! me! is celebrating his 37th birthday on the 30th of this month. And while I know that our unspoken compact is that I will provide the entertainment gratis while you, the audience, gain the medically proven benefits of life-extending laughter, in the past there have been a few of you who insisted on sending me little goodies to show their appreciation for all my hard work.

And while I have tried mightily to keep the location of my PO Box secret, somehow the fact that is is box 10446, Rochester NY, 14620-0446 keeps slipping out. In any event, here are a few things I would not say no to if they were ever to…well, a man can dream.


Teach the Conspiracy T-Shirt (size large)

The City at the End of Time