I have begun running ads for Weapon Brown on various websites using the Project Wonderful service. So far I’ve seen a lot of hits, but no comments that I know of from new visitors.

So, if one of my ads has led you to this dark corner of the Internet, don’t be afraid to add a comment and let me know!

Here’s a bit of instant karmic irony for you: National Review Online has an editorial written by John G. West, a creationist with the Discovery Institute, trumpeting the passage in Louisiana of some academic sodomy bill that will allow teachers to start slipping creationist bullshit about panda thumbs into their science lessons. Read it here,  then go to the top of the second page where he starts talking about “scientific ‘facts'”, and look at the ad right below that paragraph to see just where creationists are getting their “facts” from (note: you may have to refresh the page).