I am beginning a series of E-Bay auctions to bring my glorious art to a wider audience. As usual, I hope that no one but my regular followers here at Whatisblahblahblah.com purchases the art, but I have recently gotten into this whole “democracy” trend, and so I cannot deny the winning bid to anyone based on race, creed or website affiliation. Once you see what I am offering, however, I am certain that at least one of you will snap it up like a Slim Jim!  

So here is this week’s enticement, the alluring Mystique! 

This artwork is 11 x 17, and rendered in pen&ink and marker on Bristol, and is a perfectly sensible outlet for your lingering adolescent  Smurfette fantasies. 

The auction is live now.
 Don’t be bashful! 

I also have a couple new pieces for sale here and here on my gallery page at Comic ArtFans.com that will soon go up for auction. (But why not snag them now? Why, I ask you?)