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Merry Christmas, Blockheads.


  1. Matthew J. Fazio

    Merry Christmas JY– may the Syndicate smile upon you!

    Now, concerning inebma…

  2. punx

    Thank you, sir, I’d have not expected to see this up, but is this now going to be a new Xmas tradition along the lines of Clarissa for Thanksgiving? LOL

  3. Turbohusque

    Christmas Time Is Here came on Sirius just as I began to read this page. I am continually amazed at just how razor-sharp your writing and illustrations are regarding the subject matter, and how much love for the source material one must posses to make such an effective homage/parody.

    Every panel is a treat for the eyes, and the writing….utilizing inferences and direct quotes in different contexts, but similar….the effect is astoundingly entertaining and engrossing. This is a perfect example of that. No big explosions, no action to speak of, but the panels, the thoughts, the emotions it evokes stay with you, and last.

    A very generous gift to your readers, thank you sir. Merry X-Mas.

  4. Steve

    lovely snow angel, a “holey” one at that

  5. TheOriginalSteve

    Gosh, that was sad. Nice to see these old strips of yours for the holidays! I changed my user name since there is this other Steve posting here.

  6. JZ

    …..I sobbed like a fucking bitch.

  7. Sherlock_Watson

    When Chuck mentioned the Jigs, I thought it was going to be a “Bringing Up Father” reference; instead, it was a horror-fied version of the Peanuts Christmas dance. Beautiful.

    — ntactt both

  8. flabajaba2213

    And here I went and read my paper copy, thinking it would be the only Weapon Brown Christmas I would see. Bravo to you, good sir.

  9. Red

    Not one shread of hope left in this world, not even on christmas. Syndicate… must… die.

  10. KarlMonster

    Yes, Virginia, there is a Satan Claws, and he just repossessed Christmas.

    WB had an awesome tailor in those days. I wonder who does his sheet metal?

  11. PulpTrash

    Now… now… that’s a Christmas story. Beautiful inking by the way.

  12. Baughbe

    The Hobos of the wastelands were tending their fleas, and Lo, the Angel of Death came before them and said “Rejoice, for soon you will breathe no more. For on this day in the Munitions Lab was born an Exterminator.” And the Hobos did lie down in the snow, for they were full of holes.

  13. sentroller

    Happy Holiday and a Festive New Years to all the readers and posters on this fine site and of course to Mr. JY himself. Also, never seen this before, pretty cool.

  14. V

    Way to bring the christmas joy.

    almost as cheerful as Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean’s card….


  15. farleftside

    Wild, enthusiastic applause! Great job!

  16. MegaHentai

    When death, despair, downer, and misery are all tags for your comic, you know you’ve created something truly special.

  17. sigs10

    Oh man, what ever happened to that kid? He is old enough he could have been the kid that was turned into CAL V1N in the Noodles Incident.

  18. KiZeR

    I know you made this comic long before the current story arc, but wouldn’t it be awesome if that little kid grew up to be Cal?

  19. JY

    I never even dreamed of that. Where were you three years ago?

    (probably overseas, serving with Col. Captcha and Corps Ellinix)

  20. pakopako

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS, JASON Y! (Was Charlie Brown Lutheran like Schultz?)

    Love the tag line. Of course it had to be that after the tree shed. Are those Frieda and Violet and Sherman doing the jigs? (And… ten years. Wow.)

    neverty (2.0334)

  21. Whovian

    This will now be a part of my traditional Christmas entertainment… A Christmas Story “you’ll shoot your eye out” and Weapon Brown “HE’LL shoot your eye out”.

  22. SullySadface

    I have many emotions about this. It’s a combination of ‘fuck yeah’ and ‘awwww’

    *Lady Captcha walks with me down the foggy, miserable streets. Snow’s a foot deep, and if I wasn’t so cold I’d be sure I’m in hell. She reaches into her pocket and takes a swig from a flask. Her cheeks redden as she looks towards me and holds the flask out, venturing “Dolict,” a cheap synth of jet fuel, random isotopes of U-236, red dye #40 and some even say there’s actual alcohol in it, if you have the cash. Shit will peel the paint from the Tin Man’s anus before he can even taste the filth.

    I down it. Hits like Christmas in Harlem.

  23. Junii

    and now we know why cleaners tend to be ‘Pine Scented”…

  24. Shoot Jumbo

    Great. Just great.

    Think I’ll go and shoot myself, now.

  25. sigs10

    Man, that would have been a good hook to the Cal/Chuck antagonism, the circle of revenge, and the clash of moral compromise and retribution.

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