Happy New Year, folks! How about a little director’s commentary?

I’m riffing on Frank Miller for this story, and I sure hope it is a passable rip-off by the time I am done! I thought that working with simple, abstract shapes would speed-up the drawing the process (as well as looking dope), but all this extra black is a bitch to lay down!

I am also realizing that I have to think more about the shapes that are being created by the negative and positive spaces. With less detail to distract the eye from my draftsmanship, those silhouettes have to do a lot of heavy lifting. Odd shapes will mislead the reader as their brain tries to figure out what kind of bullshit I am trying to get away with.

I am pretty psyched to finally be showing off designs for Chuck’s former comrades. I am keeping their cyborginess™ kind of simple and clunky, but I have never before imagined how the other members of Project Peanuts turned out (except for one quick shot in the original Weapon Brown arc showing another subject in the same lab where Chuck was created, I have never even sketched them).

In keeping with my theme of making sure every character in Weapon Brown is an actual comic strip character, I will have to decide who Weapons Green, Blue and Red actually are. Since I am imagining them as ancillary characters from Peanuts, and since they are mostly stripped of distinctive features, it’s really a non-issue. For the record, though, let’s say that Weapon Green is Harold Angel, Weapon Blue is Larry and Weapon Red (who I should have made Shermy, but that ship has sailed) is Joe Shlabotnik.

(Robotic? Shlabotnik? There’s a joke in there somewhere.)