IT HAS BEGUN! Death Ray 2020 is live and ready to receive your largesse!

My new Kickstarter serves both me and you. It will put a ton of current and upcoming Death Ray Graphics material into your hot little hands, and will enable me to keep putting out new content on time in the coming year, and maybe even get some things into print that might otherwise be consigned to a mere virtual existence of ones and (gulp!) zeroes!

If you are a fan, or even fan curious, PLEASE check out Death Ray 2020, and share the glorious news with all your friends on Tweetbook, InstaSnap and the just-one-hair-lighter-than-the-Dark Web!

Also: I have NOT forgotten about Clarissa. Full disclosure: I thought I had the ending to Clarissa Saves Halloween worked out in advance but then got blocked halfway through the story. Now, I have finally solved my dilemma and will have the last chapter for you soon.

Death Ray 2020 ends at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve. Please help me ring in the new year in style, and make 2020 awesome for everyone!