“It is accomplished!”

Several years ago I thought I was done forever with Weapon Brown, and then you damn Blockheads squeezed another tome out of me! But this is it! Don’t ask for any more! (Unless, of course, it will get you to fund my next Kickstarter!)

And a new Kickstarter is indeed coming! Did you really think you were going to force me to create 121 pages of content and that I wouldn’t monetize it? Daddy gets paid!!

I have begun preparing the materials that will go into this new campaign, and I hope to have it ready to launch in March. You can prepare for this happy event by opening your wallet a few times a day to get used to the feeling.

I hope you all enjoyed this story (which took me at least a year longer to finish than I anticipated!). It gave me a chance to explore a few ideas I didn’t have room for in the original Weapon Brown graphic novel, and also gave me a chance to stretch my artistic wings.

I will be returning to the still in-progress Idodyssey strip very soon, and will also be announcing my next “big thing” in a couple of months as I decide which of the major projects I have been dreaming up I would like to bring to life. Meanwhile, please don’t hesitate to share your precious Aftershock memories below in the comments. I’d love to know what your favorite (or even least favorite) parts were.

Thanks again for sticking around!





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