I don’t know why everyone has been harshing on 2021. Twenty-one has been a– (checks COVID rapid test)–swell year for me! But if you feel like this past year has been a drag, here’s to better days ahead!

I really appreciate everyone who has stuck around and kept up with Weapon Brown this year, and I am especially grateful to my subscribers who have allowed me to buy the Top Ramen noodles that are keeping me barely alive, and not the Save Rite variety they sell at Dollar General. (I think they cut their beef flavor packets with chicken!)

Thanks also to everyone who participated in my T-Shirt pre-order sale. I have been wanting to reload my supply of Chuck shirts for a while now, and you helped make my dreams come true.

With the conclusion of this chapter of Aftershock we are within spitting distance of the finale. I plan to run a Kickstarter in February to fund the print edition of this book, and with luck this project will be on shelves by the summer. If that doesn’t make 2022 a year to look forward to, I don’t know what will.

Have a great New Year’s Eve, and drive safely! (If you can’t swing that, drive extremely recklessly so everyone knows to steer clear of you.)