5/24 The update below is from the first run of this strip, but it’s so darn funny you deserve it again!

UPDATE: 1/4/12

WHAT?? You want a goddamn new strip?? Haven’t I given you enough in the past bazillion years?? Can’t I have 2012 all to myself to work on my novel about a Portuguese fishmonger whose father is killed while serving as ambassador to Prussia in 1796  who must then reconcile with his icy stepmother if he is to receive his inheritance, a brass urn once used as a chamber pot by Peter the Great??


Okay, I admit I have been slack, but at least you all have diagnosed the problem: those hellish and distracting holidays. I am hard at work right now on this week’s update, and will be back on schedule next week with my twice weekly updates.

Also, tomorrow I will post a prospectus on all that I will be bringing you in the New Year. Stop celebrating the decline of the Republican Party and come back then!