Here we go, folks! My next comic book, arriving this Fall, is Peek the Second, the follow-up to my truly, truly bestselling anthology Peek the First! (You know this to be true because you bought a copy, as did so many, many people!)

I have always wanted to continue this series, and its genuine bestsellingness has encouraged me to craft a second volume! This time, not only will you enjoy my work, but also the talents of several of my favorite cartoonists who are illustrating the stories, all of which make fun of the last remaining scraps of the 1980s that have not yet been mocked (which was harder than you think! Robot Chicken has been pretty thorough!)

I will do my utmost to update this strip twice a week, Mondays and Fridays, until it is complete, and then you will buy the dead tree edition! YOU WILL BUY IT UNPROMPTED!!!!