THE END IS NEAR! The end of Pencilrama, that is. (Also, the end of planet earth. Read Hal lindsey, people! He saw it all coming!!)

On March 25th, Deep Fried returns! I will be cutting loose pages of the third chapter of The Hero’s Journey as fast as I can and won’t stop until I see the lights of Las Vegas! Beepo is in hot water! Squints continues to try and convince the Hive Mind that he is a dedicated corporate drone! And we finally join Roadkill on his revengeful road trip!

After that, the conclusion of “Uncaged”, the first chapter of  Kobayashi Maru, will hit your retina screens, with more to come as this satirical sci-fi star quest shifts into warp drive!

Beyond that is the biggest event of 2019: the publication of Weapon Brown: Aftershock! Big things are in the works for that book, so I hope you are as excited as I am.

Meanwhile, if you are a Comixology customer, you can now buy the Weapon Brown graphic novel through them!

So much wonderfulness!


Fuck winter! ROADKILL is coming!