Deep Fried: The Hero’s Journey #1

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32 pages/color

Join Beepo, Roadkill and Squints as they each embark on a life-changing quest that will lead to hilarious and mind-shattering outcomes!

No longer content with the life of a penniless stoner, Squints switches gears and sets out to sell his soul to the Man. Meanwhile, Roadkill comes face to face with pure evil… and when the face he sees is not his own, he takes to the highway to set things right! Then, Beepo the Clown goes looking for love in all the wrong places, only to have a rude awakening when it comes looking for him!

The Hero’s Journey
is a bold departure for Deep Fried, putting the focus on its three most deviant characters for a four-issue jaunt that begins here!

(Of course, for you millennial falcons, there is also a digital version!)

1 review for Deep Fried: The Hero’s Journey #1

  1. Mason Muffoletto (verified owner)

    Hey hey, kids, it’s time for a little story:
    Two years ago, in the magical summer of 2014, I met Jason Yungbluth at a local comic shop while he was hawking his classic work “Deep Fried” along with his more recent “Peek”. I talked to him, and he was a cool guy with a big dick and a big fast car and lots of friends. But seriously, though, I liked him a lot.
    At the time, being a penniless and fat fourteen year old in a Grateful Dead tee shirt, I didn’t have any money on me, so I went back home, grabbed some cash, and hurried back to the comic book store to buy an issue of “Deep Fried”. When I returned, he was gone, but his comics remained. I bought the one where it had the Canadian version of one of those camel things from Star Wars on the cover, went home, read it and loved it. It was the brilliantly written satire of a sarcastic maverick and I couldn’t get enough, leading me to spend my money on everything by him that the comic shop had. I still read through those comics sometimes, because they had a pretty big impact on me. There was a certain quality to it that I could relate to, and it was great to see that there are people out there with such perverse, tactfully tasteless sensibilities.
    Now, two years later and six years (I think) after Yungbluth’s last issue of “Deep Fried”, he’s still got it . . . to an extent. Maybe it’s because I’m older, but at times it feels like his new material is almost a regression into offensiveness for the sake of offensiveness. When the jokes are good, they’re really fucking good, but bits of it I found kind of offputting in their decadence. I’m all for Beepo clubbing the Pope with a baby harp seal as roadkill desecrates the Vietnam Memorial, because he was sardonically ridiculing his own over the top, balls to the wall writing style, but Beepo emptying out his drum of jizz is where I draw the line, because there’s nothing more to it than the fact that he masturbates a lot. Overall, bits like that come off as a little childish.
    However, my own criticisms aside, Yungbluth’s likably wicked characters, gritty art, and absolutely insane sense of humor are determined to leave you appalled and delighted.
    The world needs more people like Jason Yungbluth.

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