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The Last War has reduced the world to cinders… the world of the comics page.

Chuck is a bitter and luckless ex-super soldier fleeing both a haunted past and the grip of his creators, the tyrannical Syndicate. Together, Chuck and his faithful mutt Snoop will battle demon pumpkins, sluggardly cat-worms, cannibal cavemen and a host of other famous freaks torn from the funny papers.

And then the ultimate showdown, where the identity of history’s greatest cartoon duo will be settled by blood: either a man and his dog, or a boy and his tiger.

The Weapon Brown omnibus collects ten years of Jason Yungbluth’s outlandish indy comic book series, together with a kiloton of bonus material and a guarantee that you will never read your favorite comic strips the same way again!

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Weapon Brown

416 pgs, Black and White

This super-sized volume contains every page of the Weapon Brown saga, from the original A Peanut Scorned story arc (published in Deep Fried) to the expansive Blockhead’s War comic book series, and includes new story pages, a brand new holiday short story, pinups, sketchbook pages, annotations and more!

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