It Has Hit The Fan!

Beyond time & space and beneath contempt, the all-peeking PEEKER beholds every filthy deed in the Universe! And in PEEK! the awful things the Peeker has seen will be laid bare to shame us all!


, powerful cartoon mascots plot world domination over coffee, adorable children visit magical factories and discover unsettling secrets, and road warriors decide to give peace a chance… with gruesome results!

…And we ain’t talkin’ about Voldemort.

PEEK! may look cute, but don’t let that fool you! The first issue of PEEK! features the return of Clarissa, possibly the world’s most dis-turbing comic strip. And PEEK! is proud to host the American print debut of notorious cartoon superstar You-Know-Who.

Jason Yungbluth (MAD Magazine cartoonist and the creator of Deep Fried and Weapon Brown ) brings you a new humor annual plump with comics too hot for the Internet! Only woodpulp is appropriate for these tales, since then at least they may someday be entirely destroyed!

PEEK! The First is 32 color pages and in comic stores NOW! The first issue of PEEK!  also comes in two varieties: the standard edition and a beautiful letterpress variant cover! 


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Sneak a peek at PEEK! 

Praise for Jason Yungbluth! 

Hatred for Jason Yungbluth! 

Didja know? PEEK! was funded by a triumphant Kickstarter! 

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