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Weapon Brown 1

Welcome Internet Nomads.

You have combed the dark recesses of entertainment during the sputtering moments of power that reanimates the Internet, scavenging a dancing kitty cat here, a morsel of porn there, a lo-rez jpeg of something that could be what the Wise Ones called a “brony”, and now you have found this decaying website. And here, amidst the corrupted html is where you will uncover what you you have sought all along, that web strip that will ease the burden of living amongst the radioactive dunes for just a moment, the URL which you might even barter for a canteen of fresh drinking water at the next trading post. The tale of Weapon Brown is one you have heard smatterings of before, one often told over a fricasseed rat enjoyed by the light of an evening’s oil drum fire. But never have you heard the whole story, the true story, in the words of the man himself, the Wandering Blockhead, the Round-headed Son-of-a-Bitch, or “Chuck”, if you were one of the very few he allowed to get close to him. The story of how the Blockhead and a few others survived during that first awful generation after the Last War has come to us from vagabonds and desert prophets, with too many incredible and awful details for anyone to know the real facts. Now those facts will be disclosed to you, daily. The story of the final days of the End of the World, and the war that ended the Last War… the Blockhead’s War.

 The above should, ideally, have been read aloud in Christian Bale’s Batman voice. Regardless, If you are new to this website, welcome aboard!

The Weapon Brown comic strip is a rough and gritty lampoon of the entire history of newspaper comic strips, with many familiar faces making appearances in unfamiliar ways. If you have ever wondered just how all your favorite comic strip heroes, goofballs and hopeless schmoes will ultimately survive the death of print, the answer is before you.

Weapon Brown is yours to enjoy Monday through Thursday, with Fridays reserved for a a humorous departure called Coffee Break, which may be anything from an editorial cartoon to something just nucking futz. But Coffee Break itself will soon give way to the return of Deep Fried, the oh my god please how the hell do I get all traces of this off of my work computer comic strip that this website was founded on!

Deep Fried and Weapon Brown are also comic books available for sale in my store. If the daily updates of Weapon Brown fill you with an anxiety only a print edition can assuage, know that the entire story taking place above is yours to purchase from my store, including several additional chapters you won’t get any other way. The entire saga of Weapon Brown will also be collected into a single omnibus edition that will go on sale later this year. You can learn more about that and also about special offers that only my closest fans  receive by joining my mailing list (the form is right below the comic strip). I love getting comments about my work, so don’t be stingy with the praise!

This website has been up and running for ten years and you may rub elbows with many loyal fans (or “Blockheads”) who are quite familiar with Weapon Brown’s adventures (Shh! Don’t spoil anything, guys! For reals!) I also am known to post hot-blooded political rants, and you are free to snap back at anything I say. I only request that you keep your words civil, especially to your fellow fans. Other nifty features, like my animated cartoons and Clarissa (perhaps my most notorious creation) can be found in the menu above. Look around. Deep Fried strips, both one-offs and long-form stories, can be found in their own section in the menu, but also in the “Jump to a Storyline” menu in the left sidebar. If there is still more you need to know, the FAQ has your answers. Thanks for stopping by. Please return as often as possible, until you trust me like a brother… and then WHAM! That’s when the Dexter needle goes in your neck!

I mean… of course… that I’d never do that. ‘Cuz like, where can you even buy those things?

Your closest friend,

Jason Yungbluth


  1. Sev

    I must own this vehicle.

  2. admin

    I hear Schulz was working on one in his garage before he kicked.

  3. Rob

    go I love weapon brown, I own two copies of the comic book so much and I’m so happy you started doing this on your site its great when i get the chance I’ll have my web guy pimp your site on ours!

    there isn’t much really gritty indie style books anymore I love this

  4. admin

    I call my style “grindy”.

  5. kz larry

    How do I find the first Weapon Brown book to read online?

  6. George

    Man, this looks GOOD! The writing is great and I can stare at the art all day. I’m glad Lonnie from Spud Comics turned me on to this site.

  7. Thepocalypse

    Badass art, man! I love the ultra detailed style you use. Reminds me of Boba Fett vs Predator from DA.

  8. Jimwolf

    And so, even though I own the first 6 issues, I return to where the war began. To once more enjoy the story with all the tags and comments before the re-boot likely takes them away. Say goodbye to the work day. I don’t think I’ll be getting much done.

    JY: You will never walk alone, Jimwolf.

  9. roaddragon

    It’s gonna be a neat trip! I look forward to catchin’ the reaction to Chuck’s adventures from the ‘ new kids’!

  10. Gus Snarp

    No spoilers? Awww man, this is gonna be hard. Maybe I’ll have to stop commenting.

    @kz larry – You don’t. If you want to read the first Weapon Brown book you have to go to the store and buy it, then it will be shipped to your physical address on actual paper. I really want to do this, but I can’t bring that into my house and risk the kids finding it and melting their brains.

  11. JY

    Buy it, Gus! Let them discover it in a box of your belongings after you die the way I discovered my first underground.

    Weapon Brown: it’s Allluxp Different

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