Deep Fried: The Hero’s Journey #1-Digital


32 pages/color

Join Beepo, Roadkill and Squints as they each embark on a life-changing quest that will lead to hilarious and mind-shattering outcomes!

No longer content with the life of a penniless stoner, Squints switches gears and sets out to sell his soul to the Man. Meanwhile, Roadkill comes face to face with pure evil… and when the face he sees is not his own, he takes to the highway to set things right! Then, Beepo the Clown goes looking for love in all the wrong places, only to have a rude awakening when it comes looking for him!

The Hero’s Journey is a bold departure for Deep Fried, putting the focus on its three most deviant characters for a four-issue jaunt that begins here! Available in PDF format or as a ZIP file (rename to .CBZ for use with comic reader apps.)

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(And if you’re old school, there is a print version of this comic as well!)