Weapon Brown


416 pages/black & white

Chuck is a hard bitten, hard hittin’ ex-super soldier scraping out a living in a crapsack future. All alone (except for his loyal mutt Snoop), he abides by only one rule: Stay alive and one step ahead of his creators, the merciless Syndicate.

This may sound like the premise to any old post-apocalyptic tale, but prepare yourself for a story unlike anything you have read before, as Weapon Brown turns action, adventure and parody on its head with an outrageous lampoon of all your favorite newspaper comic strips!

“Weaponized” stars of the world’s most famous Sunday funnies are all here: From Annie to Ziggy, Dagwood to Calvin and Hobbes… and of course, good ol’ Charlie Brown!

Featuring a pin-up gallery, annotations and much more, this super-sized story is a must for anyone who thinks they’ve seen it all! Ships with a refrigerator magnet!

(And there’s a digital version, too!)


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