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  Fucktastrophe 2008
As Unmerica fights a pitched battle with the hated economy, Senator That-One and Senator Deerhunter square off in Highlander-style wordsmanship to see who can best keep the nation distracted from the end of the world!
  Gooey Bag
Bored for food? Fun Snax has the dripping green treat of your dreams!
The NSA and You
Worried about unwarranted wiretaps? Relax! Or else!
See Bill. See Bill rant. Rant, Bill! Rant!

Them Zoggs are back, this time as an animated presentation.


Deep Fried numero dos! Roadkill does wrong! Can Beepo set him right??


The start of something wonderful! DEEP FRIED the first!

  This homemade 527 ad confused the hell out of a lot of people. Not for the gullible!

  An instant classic. Predator in 10 Seconds.