Adorable space babies thirst for your electrolytes!

Side by side comparisons of the Dark Lords of Evil. Don't go to the polls without learning where they stand on the issues!


The Terror Express! Didn't Tom Hanks remind you of one of the Duracell people in that movie?

Homemade dancy gifs for your website! Just right click and save!

Musical interlude! Paul McCartney and John Williams teamed up for a jam session in my basement so that your ears could taste the sweet doom of ... VANILLA FATES! Vanilla Fates.mp3
From the pit of my own personal nostalgia files comes this offering, a collection of old Usenet messages I once posted back when the Internet was still young, collected as a Microsoft Word document. It is a satire of Rob Liefeld, comic book fraud, and will most likely only interest those comic geeks who remember his horrible work of the early 90's. Of course, this comedy represents MY horrible work of the 90's, but still, I think there are a few funny bits. Behold, if you dare, the saga of... The Bloodbathers!

The terror of the computer age comes alive with the HAL 9000 Screensaver! Says nine creepy things from 2001: A Space Odyssey (sorry, PC users only)

SPX 2000!
Journey with me as I cart my ass the Small Press Expo in Bethesda! A crudely drawn tale of woe and triumph!

The Phunny Menace!
Watch this and tell me that Lucas shouldn't snap me up while he can! 28 annoying megs of video fun.

Here's a creepy magazine ad from the hellish 50s.

This yucko promotional art for Deep Fried will make great wallpaper for your desktop. Way better than some kitten hanging from a tree branch!