Last week it struck me that while it seems that every chud and their mother has a website, Twitter account or YouTube channel that gets hundreds of comments daily, I was lucky to get two or three a week. I really needed to know how many people were out there enjoying my work.  I’m glad to see that I have so many weekly visitors! I hope you enjoy what you are getting.

If you didn’t announce yourself last week, please don’t hesitate to do so. We’re a family here, and we should all get to know each other better! (pours Kool-Aid.) I’m also thankful for the feedback you gave about what your favorite features are on this site. It will help me prioritize the site’s content, so keep the suggestions coming!

I was also grateful to hear how many people visit this site more than once a week. I am working hard to get myself into a position to post my strips more often, but this week, at least, your dreams are coming true! The FINAL installments of Clarissa Saves Halloween will arrive at last on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

As you all know, I am running a Kickstarter that I designed to help keep the content here coming on time. I appreciate everyone who has already pledged, but if you don’t have the money to spare, it is very easy to make a difference just by helping me promote the campaign! If you will only retweet this announcement you will be doing me a world of good!

Thank you again for your patience, and for chiming in!