Wow! What a long, strange trip it’s been! Almost two years to the day since I began this Deep Fried storyline, I have finally wrapped up “The Idiodyssey”!

Those who remember the first strip will know that this journey started as a 24-Hour Comic Day project, and then became a challenge to myself to create an issue of Deep Fried that was (almost) entirely painted with watercolor– just to stretch my wings a bit. Who could have guessed that it would grow to become a genuine odyssey in its own right? (I mean, I could have guessed. No project I have ever begun in earnest has ever not taken at least a full year longer to complete than I’d wanted it to!)

Well, I done what I set out to do, and the world now has the most unrequested story ever–a Tolkienesque parody of Music From the Elder! (Fun fact: I never could figure out what “the Elder” actually is from listening to the album. Is it a god? A godhead? I went ahead and assumed that the council of the Order of the Rose are “the Elder”, but its kind of a strange name to hang on a collective. Anybody out there know Gene Simmons?)

Only history can judge how I have wasted my time, but one odyssey’s end is another’s beginning! I have now teed up the other tale I have been holding on to almost as long as “The Idiodyssey” and that I have greatly wished to impose on YOU, my dedicated readers. In 2023, get ready forJazz Hands, Deep Fried’s most deviant story ever!

I assure you that The Broom Closet will have its work cut out for them when this next installment of The Hero’s Journey drops. But before that happens, I have to complete the other project that has taken me far too long to complete, that being Aftershock. I’m taking next week off so I can get some work done on this, but I will return the week after with something funny for you, so stay tuned! Also, join my darn mailing list… and become a subscriber! Do you know how much paying work I turn down to bring you this crap?? A lot, my friends ! A LOT!

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