I didn’t know that anyone had even bought PEEK! from their comic shop, much less reviewed it, but what do you know? Greg Burgas at Comic Book Resources actually scribed a review of PEEK! when it came out earlier this year.

Greg doesn’t actually like PEEK!, but his review gave me a couple chuckles thanks to Greg’s lack of acquaintance with much of my work. He mistakes a comment I made in PEEK! about not appearing in MAD magazine more often as a lament for never having been published in MAD at all (I’ve been published by them on and off for years). He also mentions a scene of the Peeker “simultaneously puking and shitting in a bizarre infinity symbol,” which is actually funnier than what I had intended. But my favorite part of the review comes from Greg’s unfamiliarity with Clarissa, and the nature of her relationship with her father. This allows him to say of Daddy:

He’s as much a victim of the system as anyone and…he feels a great deal of pain that no one recognizes his contributions to the company he works for or the family he provides for.


(By the way Greg, I’m sorry you didn’t like the Mohammed cartoon, but hang on to it! It will be worth a fortune when ISIS bombs my booth at Comic-Con.)