jason_jigComplain, cry, curse the god that made you, but it will avail you not! I am on vacation for two whole weeks, off enjoying the sunny beaches of Ireland!

The website should continue to run smoothly without me, but your e-mails and witty comments will go unanswered until I return. But when I do reappear, oh the stories I will tell! I hear Ireland looks a lot like Game of Thrones, so I expect I will see brutes and noblemen, dragons, warlocks and lots of women wearing nothing but their landing strips!

Enjoy being stranded in this recession-ruled hellhole we call the Homeland States of Homelandia! But here, if you are worried that you won’t know what is awesome without me to tell you, why don’t you read Whomp!, my new favorite comic strip while I’m gone. Just don’t like it more than mine, ‘kay?