Police say the Finger Biter is still at large.

Now THIS is what the healthcare debate should have been like all along! Bill Rice, a right wing douche who was harassing pro-reform activists in Thousand Oaks, CA yesterday, punched a reformer twice in the face. He should have called it quits at one, however. Because the second time, his hand came back missing its pinky.

Neil Cavuto was in rare form interviewing the thug on Fox yesterday, and with the skill of Evel Knievel jumped the fact that Rice was the attacker and not the victim. And just listen to Cavuto’s squeaky parting shot at the escaped finger biter. “I’m gonna get you…”. Priceless.

Ironically, Bill is 65, so his hospital visit was paid for with our tax dollars. I’ll bet he’s glad no one was able to punch out the Medicare proponents back when that entitlement was being hotly debated.