To see the amount of attention CNN is devoting to the recently rescued FARC hostages, you would think that their reporters had been slashing through the Colombian jungle for five years on a crusade to rescue the captives. I don’t remember hearing about these men once on CNN during their five years of imprisonment.

Now they are getting more face time than Anderson Cooper! Everytime I’ve gone to this past week there has been another top headline of one of the former hostages decrying their FARC captors as “terrorists with a capital ‘T'” who dress in jackal skins and sacrifice unbaptized children to Chalciuhtlicue.

Not that I am unhappy that Keith Stansell, Marc Gonsalves and Thomas Howes–the three snow-white mercs working for Northrop Gruman whose spy plane crashed into the pie-eating contest pavillion during 2003’s festive “FARC Daze”–are now safe and sound and drinking Anchor Steam again. I just think it’s a little tasteless for CNN to pretend that they were playing Peggy Say for these gentlemen the whole time.