Christmas Sock Sack!


Caga TiĆ³, the adorable Catalonian “pooping log”, is here again with stuff to put in your Christmas stocking– “stocking stuffers”, if you will!

The Sock Sack includes Death Ray Graphics’ most efficiently-sized items:

-The naughty (and nice) full color sketchbook Getting Away With Murder!

-The naughty (and naughtier!) humor of PEEK! The First and PEEK! The Second!

-Two fancy laser-etched wooden bookmarks!

-A pair of sassy refrigerator magnets!

-A Weapon Brown Christmas tree ornament!

-Best of all: a mystery T-shirt! What design? What size? WHO KNOWS! Perfect as an office gift or to use as an emergency diaper for your baby!

This year, steal Santa’s thunder and give the best gifts ever delivered by mortal man!

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