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Weapon Brown 260
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Thursday — April 17th, 2014

Weapon Brown 260

The Woots Keep Coming!

Here’s a shout-out for my Kickstarter from The Outhouse comic forums. It’s about time I got proper recognition for my toilet humor!


Goo Me, Baby!

In honor of the “shmoo reveal” in this week’s strips, here’s a loop I created from the infamous “Gimme Pizza Slow” viral meme worm that is plaguing our nation.To me this sounds like the hook to some Easter egg track from off of Odelay!


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Green Blues!

This Kickstarter thing is starting to feel like a job! Why should I have to work to keep the cash streaming in? Haven’t I already given enough over the years? Nobody told me a job in cartooning would require me to get out of bed before 11AM! I want to talk to the man in charge!

The KS continues to both rock and roll, And although it has not reached dubstep proportions, I feel that it is only a matter of time. I am past $20K, so a NEW short story will now be added to the book! And if things keep trending upwards a hardcover edition is not out of the question! Oh my gosh… I-I feel dubstepping coming on!!


 (You can also read a more substantive update on my campaign here!)

IAmA: Round 2!

I am going to take a second swing at doing an IAmA on Reddit. I goofed the first one I posted by not realizing I needed to be “live-in-the-room”, so to speak. So, I will now set aside a bit of time from refreshing my Kickstarter page and do this proper.

On Sunday (11/10), starting at 5PM EST, I will conduct my “Ask Me Anything” session (I’ll post the link when it goes live). AMA’s are  a conversation where, as the name strongly suggests, you may ask the host anything you want. Feel free to talk about my comics, why I have not been sued into oblivion, what drugs I am going to spend my Kickstarter loot on… whatever you like!

UPDATE: Here’s the link!

Proof that IAMA person named Jason Yungbluth!

I am creating one of those famous “Ask Me Anything” threads on Reddit, and the Overlords need proof that I am who I sez I am! This blog entry should suffice… until the Republicans start demanding photo ID.

Once this thing goes live I will post the link. Of course, you people could always have Asked Me Anything. I’m… a little depressed that you haven’t, actually.

(Oh! It’s up now! That was fast!) Whoops! I didn’t realize I actually had to hang around to answer the questions! My bad! I will schedule this for later this week and let you all know about it.

UPDATE: Okay! This exciting ego-fest will now be held in Reddit’s IAmA thread on Sunday 11/10 at 5PM EST. I’ll post the direct link again when it is live!


I’m funded! My Kickstarter has reached it’s goal of $12,500! OMG! I can print volume one of the Weapon Brown omnibus! OMG! OMG and more OMG!!

(BTW, could someone e-mail me and tell me what “OMG” means? I hear all the kids saying it and I just want to be hip).

(Also, “BTW”.)

Push it real good!

The Kickstarter is still chugging along at a brisk pace! I have already raised nearly $10,000 of my $12,5000 goal! If the winds blow right, I could even make my goal this week!

But if not, the sailing might get rougher. Most Kickstarters are hot right out of the gate and then lose steam after the initial funder enthusiasm wears off. There often is a second wind at the end, but of course, nothing in this effort is guranteed.

There is also the fact that my TRUE goal is $17,000. At that level I will be able to collect the entire Weapon Brown works into a single omnibus instead of splitting it into two volumes. That’s twice the book for my pledgers, and half the work for me, as I won’t have to run a second Kickstarter!

So, if you haven’t helped spread the word to everyone you know through your church bulletin, your phone tree or your knitting circle, what are you waiting for?

Dolores Crusteford of Minneapolis, New Mexico has even started an “electronic” newsletter wherein she mentions my Kickstarter campaign, as well as seven new ways to preserve quince in humid climates! Why not check it out?

“‘Weapon Brown’? Oh no, Mavis. I stopped reading that. Not enough fucking.”

Pant… Pant…!

At last! At last, after spending all day shoving my Kickstarter campaign in front of anybody on the Interweb with a gravatar to their name, I am finally able to pimp my work here, where my work is!

So here it is, my Kickstarter page to fund the printing of the Weapon Brown graphic novel! I have a host of awesome incentives for the peeps (not the least of which is the book itself, complete with bells and exactly 2.8 whistles), but I will be working all this month to make my mission a success. This is four years of effort all boiled down to one 30-day window. I am become madness itself!!

This week, owing to my last minutes preparations, I did not have time to create a Coffee Break cartoon. I should be on track for next week, but for  now, I am happy to premier the cornerstone of  my entire campaign: My Kickstarter video! I hope you enjoy it!

YouTube Preview Image

One More Day One More Day One More Day….



The clock is ticking down to the Weapon Brown Kickstarter, peeps! Are you stoked?? Check your damn pulse! If your blood pressure isn’t 160 over 90 then you must be huffing ether!

I have been hustling like never before to put all my ducks in a row while simultaneously diversifying my eggs into a portfolio of baskets. I am socialing my networks like some bratty tween in an AT&T ad! Book binders, pin-up artists, family and friends– I’m juggling them all in a mad sprint to the brass ring that will ERROR! ERROR!–METAPHOR CONFLICT DETECTED! CORE OVERLOAD IN 10…9…8…

Whoops! Sorry. That’s been happening a lot. I am in full “montage” mode now, a million things happening at once to get ready for the big day. The world has been wondering when the next 9/11 will occur, and it’ is November 1st– 11/1! A day that will live in fanfamy! ERROR! ERROR!–TERRIBLE WORD-MASH DETECTED! CORE OVERLOAD IN 10…9…8…

(Friggin’…! I’ve got to contact my ISP. That hexidecimal abort code takes too long to type in!)

So my friends, are you ready? Ready to make the Weapon Brown omnibus a reality? Ready to spread the word and put the power of your Twitter followers at my disposal? Ready to “ooo” and “ahh” over the frikkin’ fantastic incentives I have come up with?? Many a worthy Kickstarter campaign has failed for lack of fan enthusiasm, so take your Viagara, my nizzles! Join my mailing list (right below the cartoon) and get in on the special Blockheads-only goody that will accompany this Kickstarter! Shoot that juice into your neck  and lie about it to Congress, folks! THIS! IS! SPARTA!!

YouTube Preview Image