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October 8|Potholes Ahead!
September 2|Weapon Brown 339
September 1|Weapon Brown 338
August 28|Weapon Brown 337
August 27|Weapon Brown 336
August 26|Weapon Brown 335
August 25|Weapon Brown 334
August 21|Weapon Brown 332
August 20|Weapon Brown 331
August 19|Weapon Brown 330
August 18|Weapon Brown 329
August 14|Weapon Brown 328
August 13|Weapon Brown 327
August 12|Weapon Brown 326
August 11|Weapon Brown 325
August 7|Weapon Brown 324
August 6|Weapon Brown 323
August 5|Weapon Brown 322
August 4|Weapon Brown 321
August 1|Coffee Break: Salad Days
July 31|Weapon Brown 320
July 30|Weapon Brown 319
July 29|Weapon Brown 318
July 28|Weapon Brown 317
July 24|Weapon Brown 316
July 23|Weapon Brown 315
July 22|Weapon Brown 314
July 21|Weapon Brown 313
July 17|Weapon Brown 312
July 16|Weapon Brown 311
July 15|Weapon Brown 310
July 14|Weapon Brown 309
July 11|Coffee Break: Comedy Gold
July 10|Weapon Brown 308
July 9|Weapon Brown 307
July 8|Weapon Brown 306
July 7|Weapon Brown 305
July 3|Weapon Brown 304
July 2|Weapon Brown 303
July 1|Weapon Brown 302
June 30|Weapon Brown 301
June 27|Coffee Break: Pirates of the Royal Caribbean
June 26|Weapon Brown 300
June 25|Weapon Brown 299
June 24|Weapon Brown 298
June 23|Weapon Brown 297
June 20|Coffee Break: Boogers
June 19|Weapon Brown 296
June 18|Weapon Brown 295
June 17|Weapon Brown 294
June 16|Weapon Brown 293
June 12|Weapon Brown 292
June 11|Weapon Brown 291
June 10|Weapon Brown 290
June 9|Weapon Brown 289
June 5|Weapon Brown 288
June 4|Weapon Brown 287
June 3|Weapon Brown 286
June 2|Weapon Brown 285
May 30|Coffee Break: Pirate Pitch
May 29|Weapon Brown 284
May 28|Weapon Brown 283
May 27|Weapon Brown 282
May 26|Weapon Brown 281
May 22|Weapon Brown 280
May 21|Weapon Brown 279
May 20|Weapon Brown 278
May 19|Weapon Brown 277
May 16|Coffee Break:
May 15|Weapon Brown 276
May 14|Weapon Brown 275
May 13|Weapon Brown 274
May 12|Weapon Brown 273
May 9|Coffee Break: Godzillionaire
May 8|Weapon Brown 272
May 7|Weapon Brown 271
May 6|Weapon Brown 270
May 5|Weapon Brown 269
May 2|Coffee Break: Paramedic Cop
May 1|Weapon Brown 268
April 30|Weapon Brown 267
April 29|Weapon Brown 266
April 28|Weapon Brown 264-265
April 24|Weapon Brown 264
April 23|Weapon Brown 263
April 22|Weapon Brown 262
April 21|Weapon Brown 261
April 17|Weapon Brown 260
April 16|Weapon Brown 259
April 15|Weapon Brown 258
April 14|Weapon Brown 257
April 11|Coffee Break: Smug
April 10|Weapon Brown 256
April 9|Weapon Brown 255
April 8|Weapon Brown 254
April 7|Weapon Brown 253
April 4|Coffee Break: Worker Bee
April 3|Weapon Brown 252
April 2|Weapon Brown 251
April 1|Weapon Brown 250
March 31|Weapon Brown 249
March 28|Coffee Break: Answered Prayer
March 27|Weapon Brown 248
March 26|Weapon Brown 247
March 25|Weapon Brown 246
March 24|Weapon Brown 245
March 21|Weapon Brain
March 20|Weapon Brown 244
March 19|Weapon Brown 243
March 18|Weapon Brown 242
March 17|Weapon Brown 241
March 14|Coffee Break: iNag
March 13|Weapon Brown 240
March 12|Weapon Brown 239
March 11|Weapon Brown 238
March 10|Weapon Brown 237
March 7|Coffee Break: Loony Toon
March 6|Weapon Brown 236
March 5|Weapon Brown 235
March 4|Weapon Brown 234
March 3|Weapon Brown 233
February 27|Weapon Brown 232
February 26|Weapon Brown 231
February 25|Weapon Brown 230
February 24|Weapon Brown 229
February 21|Coffee Break: Out of Pocket
February 20|Weapon Brown 228
February 19|Weapon Brown 227
February 18|Weapon Brown 226
February 17|Weapon Brown 225
February 14|Weapon Brown- Man’s Best Friend
February 13|Weapon Brown 223
February 12|Weapon Brown 222
February 11|Weapon Brown 221
February 10|Weapon Brown 220
February 7|Weapon Brown 219
February 6|Weapon Brown 218
February 5|Weapon Brown 217
February 4|Weapon Brown 216
February 3|Weapon Brown 215
January 31|Coffee Break: Junk Science
January 30|Weapon Brown 214
January 29|Weapon Brown 213
January 28|Weapon Brown 212
January 27|Weapon Brown 211
January 24|Coffee Break: Talking Bottle
January 23|Weapon Brown 210
January 22|Weapon Brown 209
January 21|Weapon Brown 208
January 20|Weapon Brown 207
January 17|Coffee Break: World War 404
January 16|Weapon Brown 206
January 15|Weapon Brown 205
January 14|Weapon Brown 204
January 13|Weapon Brown 203
January 10|Coffee Break: Love Seat
January 9|Weapon Brown 202
January 8|Weapon Brown 201
January 7|Weapon Brown 200
January 6|Weapon Brown 199
January 2|Weapon Brown 198
January 1|Weapon Brown 197


December 31|Weapon Brown 196
December 30|Weapon Brown 195
December 27|Weapon Brown 194
December 26|Weapon Brown 193
December 25|Re-gift THIS, bitchez!
December 24|Weapon Brown 192
December 23|Weapon Brown 191
December 20|Coffee Break: Wegpocalypse Now
December 19|Weapon Brown 190
December 18|Weapon Brown 189
December 17|Weapon Brown 188
December 16|Weapon Brown 187
December 12|Weapon Brown 186
December 11|Weapon Brown 185
December 10|Weapon Brown 184
December 9|Weapon Brown 183
December 6|Guest Strip: Justin Pasieka and James Randell
December 5|Weapon Brown 182
December 4|Weapon Brown 181
December 3|Weapon Brown 180
December 2|Weapon Brown 179
November 29|Guest Artist: Stephen Notley
November 28|A Weapon Brown Thanksgiving
November 27|Weapon Brown 177
November 26|Weapon Brown 176
November 25|Weapon Brown 175
November 22|Guest Artist: Rene Castellano
November 21|Weapon Brown 174
November 20|Weapon Brown 173
November 19|Weapon Brown 172
November 18|Weapon Brown 171
November 15|Coffee Break: Brothers and Sisters… Ain’t We Havin’ Fun?
November 14|Weapon Brown 170
November 13|Weapon Brown 169
November 12|Weapon Brown 168
November 11|Weapon Brown 167
November 8|17,000 Ways to Say “I Love You”
November 7|Weapon Brown 166
November 6|Weapon Brown 165
November 5|Weapon Brown 164
November 4|Weapon Brown 163
October 31|Weapon Brown 163
October 30|Weapon Brown 162
October 29|Weapon Brown 161
October 28|Weapon Brown 160
October 25|Coffee Break: Sign Language
October 24|Weapon Brown 159
October 23|Weapon Brown 158
October 22|Weapon Brown 157
October 21|Weapon Brown 156
October 17|Weapon Brown 155
October 16|Weapon Brown 154
October 15|Weapon Brown 153
October 14|Weapon Brown 152
October 11|Coffee Break: Princess Poyndextra
October 10|Weapon Brown 151
October 9|Weapon Brown 150
October 8|Weapon Brown 149
October 7|Weapon Brown 148
October 3|Weapon Brown 147
October 2|Weapon Brown 146
October 1|Weapon Brown 145
September 30|Weapon Brown 144
September 27|Coffe Break: Payback
September 26|Weapon Brown 143
September 25|Weapon Brown 142
September 24|Weapon Brown 141
September 23|Weapon Brown 140
September 19|Weapon Brown 139
September 18|Weapon Brown 138
September 17|Weapon Brown 137
September 16|Weapon Brown 136
September 13|Coffee Break: Attitude of Gratitude
September 12|Weapon Brown 135
September 11|Weapon Brown 134
September 10|Weapon Brown 133
September 9|Weapon Brown 132
September 6|Coffee Break: Trouble Maker
September 5|Weapon Brown 131
September 4|Weapon Brown 130
September 3|Weapon Brown 129
September 2|Weapon Brown 128
August 29|Weapon Brown 127
August 28|Weapon Brown 126
August 27|Weapon Brown 125
August 26|Weapon Brown 124
August 23|Coffee Break: Lonely Mountain
August 22|Weapon Brown 123
August 21|Weapon Brown 122
August 20|Weapon Brown 121
August 19|Weapon Brown 120
August 16|Coffee Break: Boo-Nothing Congress
August 15|Weapon Brown 119
August 14|Weapon Brown 118
August 13|Weapon Brown 117
August 12|Weapon Brown 116
August 9|Coffee Break: The Amazing Mittens
August 8|Weapon Brown 115
August 7|Weapon Brown 114
August 6|Weapon Brown 113
August 5|Weapon Brown 112
August 2|Coffee Break: Telekiwhatsis
August 1|Weapon Brown 111
July 31|Weapon Brown 110
July 30|Weapon Brown 109
July 29|Weapon Brown 108
July 26|Coffee Break: Unpretentious Potato
July 25|Weapon Brown 107
July 24|Weapon Brown 106
July 23|Weapon Brown 105
July 22|Weapon Brown 104
July 19|Coffee Break: Shabby Chic
July 18|Weapon Brown 103
July 17|Weapon Brown 102
July 16|Weapon Brown 101
July 15|Weapon Brown 100
July 11|Weapon Brown 99
July 10|Weapon Brown 98
July 9|Weapon Brown 97
July 8|Weapon Minus Brown
July 5|Coffee Break: First Contact
July 4|Weapon Brown 96
July 3|Weapon Brown 95
July 2|Weapon Brown 94
July 1|Weapon Brown 93
June 28|Coffee Break: Larry and Pierre
June 27|Weapon Brown 92
June 26|Weapon Brown 91
June 25|Weapon Brown 90
June 24|Weapon Brown 89
June 21|Coffee Break: Stranger in a Strange Land
June 20|Weapon Brown 88
June 19|Weapon Brown 87
June 18|Weapon Brown 86
June 17|Weapon Brown 85
June 14|Coffee Break: Call Scout
June 13|Weapon Brown 84
June 12|Weapon Brown 83
June 11|Weapon Brown 82
June 10|Weapon Brown 81
June 6|Weapon Brown 80
June 5|Weapon Brown 79
June 4|Weapon Brown 78
June 3|Weapon Brown 77
May 31|Coffee Break: Optimus Prime’s Check Up
May 30|Weapon Brown 76
May 29|Weapon Brown 75
May 28|Weapon Brown 74
May 27|Weapon Brown 73
May 24|Coffee Break: Teach By Example
May 23|Weapon Brown 72
May 22|Weapon Brown 71
May 21|Weapon Brown 70
May 20|Weapon Brown 69
May 17|Coffee Break: Initial Here
May 16|Weapon Brown 67 + 68
May 15|Weapon Brown 66
May 14|Weapon Brown 65
May 13|Weapon Brown 64
May 10|Coffee Break: Dress Code
May 9|Weapon Brown 63
May 8|Weapon Brown 62
May 7|Weapon Brown 61
May 6|Weapon Brown 60
May 3|Coffee Break: First Day on the Job
May 2|Weapon Brown 59
May 1|Weapon Brown 58
April 30|Weapon Brown 57
April 29|Weapon Brown 56
April 26|Coffee Break: One Ball Says It All
April 25|Weapon Brown 55
April 24|Weapon Brown 54
April 23|Weapon Brown 53
April 22|Weapon Brown 52
April 19|Coffee Break: Boston Massacre
April 18|Weapon Brown 51
April 17|Weapon Minus Brown
April 16|Weapon Brown 50
April 15|Weapon Brown 49
April 12|Coffee Break: The Facts of Life
April 11|Weapon Brown 48
April 10|Weapon Brown 47
April 9|Weapon Brown 46
April 8|Weapon Brown 45
April 5|Coffee Break: New Pet
April 4|Weapon Brown 44
April 3|Weapon Brown 43
April 2|Weapon Brown 42
April 1|Weapon Brown 41
March 29|Coffee Break: Bad Hair Life
March 28|Weapon Brown 40
March 27|Weapon Brown 39
March 26|Weapon Brown 38
March 25|Weapon Brown 37
March 22|Coffee Break: Homeless Clown
March 21|Weapon Brown 36
March 20|Weapon Brown 35
March 19|Weapon Brown 34
March 18|Weapon Brown 33
March 15|Coffee Break: Matricide
March 14|Weapon Brown 32
March 13|Weapon Brown 31
March 12|Weapon Brown 30
March 11|Weapon Brown 29
March 8|Coffee Break: Vader Voice
March 7|Weapon Brown 28
March 6|Weapon Brown 27
March 5|Weapon Brown 26
March 4|Weapon Brown 25
March 1|Coffee Break: Schrodinger’s Cat
February 28|Weapon Brown 24
February 27|Weapon Brown 23
February 26|Weapon Brown 22
February 25|Weapon Brown 21
February 22|Coffee Break: GOPocalypse
February 21|Weapon Brown 20
February 20|Weapon Brown 19
February 19|Weapon Brown 18
February 18|Weapon Brown 17
February 15|Coffee Break: Self-Conscious Worm
February 14|Weapon Brown 16
February 13|Weapon Brown 15
February 12|Weapon Brown 14
February 11|Weapon Brown 13
February 8|Coffee Break: Kobra!
February 7|Weapon Brown 12
February 6|Weapon Brown 11
February 5|Weapon Brown 10
February 4|Weapon Brown 9
February 1|Coffee Break: Moth Money
January 31|Weapon Brown 8
January 30|Weapon Brown 7
January 29|Weapon Brown 6
January 28|Weapon Brown 5
January 25|Coffee Break: Picky Alien
January 24|Weapon Brown 4
January 23|Weapon Brown 3
January 22|Weapon Brown 2
January 21|Weapon Brown 1
January 14|Coffee Break: Bad Guy With A Gun
January 7|Coffee Break: Ghost Therapist


November 26|Weapon Brown 275



December 31|Scent of a Pancake-5
December 26|Scent of a Pancake-4
December 24|Scent of a Pancake-3
December 19|Scent of a Pancake-2
December 17|Scent of a Pancake-1
December 10|Show Me the Honey!
December 3|What a Twist!
November 26|Get down, boogie oogie oogie


October 2|Send-Off
September 25|Cuttlefish
September 18|Chocolate Cake Cups
September 11|9/11 fatigue
September 4|News Fatwah
August 29|Rogue Actors
August 21|Pete the Tailgate Parakeet
August 14|Kool-Aid
August 8|Trepanation
August 1|Hooray!
July 24|Unicorn X-ing
July 17|Limbo
July 10|Hey Supervillains!
July 3|Chocolate Islands
June 26|Catching Up
June 19|Return of the Dead Guy
June 12|Recipe
June 5|Brontosaurus
May 29|Pop News Quizlet
May 22|Humor Today!
May 15|Lyammon
May 8|Angels With Iodine
May 1|Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
April 21|Junk Slapped
April 17|Warning Signs
April 10|OLP
April 3|Second Chance
March 27|Drinkin’ Buddies
March 20|Newly Single
March 13|Roadkill’s Strip
March 6|Laura
February 27|Wedding Cake
February 20|Zombie Betsy
February 13|Moohamed
February 6|Top Thumb
January 30|A Million Reese’s Pieces
January 23|Eulogy
January 16|Wakey Wakey
January 9|How to Kill Psycho Mantis
January 2|Party Pooper


December 5|Dumpster
October 21|Pregnancy Litmus test
October 9|The Funnies
October 2|Abortion Cynic
September 26|OMZ
September 19|Fly Offender
September 12|Part of the Disease
May 4|Hole’Reillys Throughout History
January 26|The Emperor’s New Groove
January 11|Pouting Box
January 4|Ripper? I Hardly Know Her!


December 29|Night Whaling
December 22|Broken Rum Bottle
December 15|Snooter
December 7|Mortox
November 30|Orange Out
November 23|Parting Words
November 16|Spunk!
November 10|Holy War
November 3|Time Out
October 27|Pullling the Plug
October 20|Air Unmerica
October 13|Pirate Radio
October 6|Mixed Messages
September 29|Hair Don’t
September 22|Slimer
September 12|Comics of the Future!
September 8|Lil’ Gitmo
September 1|Swift Boat Hippies
August 25|Why1K?
August 16|Waste the Rainbow
August 11|Swift Kick in the Boat
August 4|John Gumby
July 28|Unimaginable
July 21|Frooty Lupe´
July 14|Code Yellow
July 7|Homeland Mall Security
June 30|Hugs, Not Thugs
June 23|Shroom With a View
June 15|Funeral for a Gipper
June 9|Central Intelligence Failure
June 3|Kablooey
May 26|Pronunciation Bee
May 19|Masks
May 12|Till-Man
May 5|Food Fight
April 28|Islamwich
April 21|Uqfu
April 14|The Truth About Santa Christ
April 7|The Peeker
March 31|Fazool
March 24|Spanish Imposition
March 17|Pipe Dream
March 10|Lobot
March 3|Judeo Christ
February 25|Pet-O-Philia
February 18|Wing and a Prayer
February 11|War of Words
February 3|Party’s Over
January 28|Whosama?
January 22|Spin Cycle


December 18|Octogon
December 10|Recruiting
December 2|Terror Party
November 25|Cackle
November 18|Nooooo!
November 9|Blackhawk Doubledown
November 4|Boink!
October 27|A Moment With Roadkill
October 20|The Intruder
October 6|Gloating
October 1|Surprise Discovery
September 22|The Gubernator
September 15|Bitchin’ and Moanin’
September 9|Have You Forgotten?
September 2|The Maw
August 25|No One Expects the Boston Inquisition
July 21|Why?
June 5|Morning Routine
April 2|Good War
March 26|Do I Have To Draw You a Picture?
March 17|The Emp…
March 11|Pyramid Scheme
February 24|Porn Surfing
February 17|What If They Threw an Orange Alert and Nobody Came?
February 10|Colin Powell’s Power Point Activity Page
January 27|Boxing Match
January 20|Did Dogs Love Hitler?
January 13|The Jimmy Fund
January 7|Maintain Spectacle