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  1. Sep 28, 2008Barney Frank:“This was never going to be a bill that was going to make people happy.”
    Sep 30, 2008Twirling towards freedom
    Oct 1, 2008Hate on me, when you’re not strong….
    Oct 9, 2008Why Ralph is my candidate
    Oct 11, 2008Disaster makes me want to sing
    Oct 27, 2008Those cavemen sure been hovering a long time…
    Oct 29, 2008Fucktastrophe 2008!
    Oct 31, 2008McCain drops a number 2
    Nov 2, 2008Cruel rules
    Nov 12, 2008Pen Poop
    Nov 24, 2008Clarissa brings the sad-making lulz
    Nov 29, 2008It Crawled from the Sketchbook!
    Dec 2, 2008Fuck Obama! Weapon Brown in ’08!
    Dec 11, 2008Brown Out
    Dec 23, 2008More sketchery
    Dec 26, 2008Santa, you DO exist!
    Dec 29, 2008Now wait one goddamn minute!
    Jan 1, 2009Baby New Year’s Dirty Diaper
    Jan 12, 2009I know you’re out there…I can hear you not caring.
    Jan 15, 2009TMI
    Jan 23, 2009Change has come to your planet.
    Jan 28, 2009Exit Strategy
    Jan 30, 2009New York, here I come!
    Feb 10, 2009New York, there I came!
    Feb 17, 2009Wrath of Con
    Feb 18, 2009It is to laugh
    Feb 24, 2009Better Red than dead
    Feb 25, 2009The hits keep coming!
    Mar 3, 2009Who Oms the Ombudsmen?
    Mar 11, 2009Good Grief…with a vengeance!
    Mar 23, 2009Tee Tease
    Mar 26, 2009De-Weaponized
    Apr 3, 2009Prank Wanker
    Apr 20, 2009Happy Holidaze
    Apr 23, 2009Art Tart
    Apr 27, 2009Hollah for a scholla
    May 4, 2009Tee Time
    May 17, 2009Looky here, likken cheggs!
    May 25, 2009The Day After Monday the 13th
    May 31, 2009Apple Movie Trailer Doppleganger Terrorstorm!!!!
    Jun 25, 2009Switcheroo
    Jul 8, 2009Jackoff
    Jul 12, 2009Rock the Casbah
    Aug 14, 2009Glen Beck: The argument for the next Holocaust
    Aug 16, 2009Meet and Greet
    Aug 24, 2009McRoots
    Aug 28, 2009Meanwhile, On Planet Earth
    Sep 2, 2009Disney purchases Marvel, plague of locusts to follow
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    Sep 7, 2009Health, wealth and wisdom