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My glory keeps being reflected back upon me wherever I turn! First this selfie by a satisfied T-shirt purchaser…


…And then this piece of fan art by a former pupil of mine, who has since turned to the dark side , for which I am very proud, as the class I was teaching was called Introduction to the Dark Side:



(I think that’s supposed to be me, with the glasses and the hunky guns.)

For those of you who have only loved me with money through my wonderful pre-order sale, your heroism will be remembered in my soon to be chiseled Tomb of the Unknown Customer (anyone who would like to volunteer for internment should contact me anonymously).


  1. TheFaz

    I don’t know… I always pictured you more busty.

  2. roaddragon

    Um, wow. I don’t know how to follow that comment. Keep up the great work!

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