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I have been a very,very, bad girl, Gaga. Many an obligation, aggravation and inebriation is to blame for the fact that I have not posted a Coffee Break in the past two weeks (and I know that those gleanings from my MAD magazine reject pile are the reason you even get out of bed on a Friday, so I accept my responsibility for the nation’s .002% increase in suicides this past month. Sorry, bereaved love ones!)

This past week has been a special pain in the ass, as Whatisdeepfried.com was hacked by some of society’s notorious scum for the purpose of advancing God knows what agenda (all signs point to some sort of bike helmet cartel). This attack brought my site down several times, until my web host apparently pinpointed the problem. So, knock wood, everything should run smoothly from now <–coderip_log_6543 GIRO BIKE HELMETS 20% OFF ALL THIS WEEK!! **this site haxxed by BlackFl4MEoftheN0RtH–FuK_yOr_SeKurtiteez!!–>

I have also been under a lot of strain from doing all the things that fall out of being a Kickstarter kingpin, from arranging convention appearances and signings to shipping products and running sales. Oh how I wish there were more hours in the day…so that I could use them for sleep! As it is, rolling out of bed every day at 11 AM to get to work after a few hours of Netflix has given me a real empathy for the lives of West Virginia coal miners. We are the 99%!

In any event, I’ve had a lot of balls in the air and the past week has made me feel like a double amputee. I aim to have my shit together for the coming week, and at the very least this means getting  new cartoons posted on Fridays! Bear with me!


  1. Luke

    Sucks about the hacking, kicks ass to hear about the getting shit done. I’ve had to get my ass in gear this month myself, I have gotten more done this week than I have since January. What is it about April?

    Hell of looking forward to my Weapon Brown Omega Edition shipping! Everybody order the Omega edition or you can’t be my friend.

  2. Craig L

    As my dear old dad used to say “if you have your balls in the air, you must not have your feet on the ground.”

    I know what’s taking up all your time lately… you’re obviously ghostwriting for Dick Tracy, which has recently featured a cloned version of Moon Maid, Diet Smith giving up space exploration after bad guys hijacked his Space Coupe and got lost in space (complete with a reference to Brewster Rockit) , a crossover with Little Orphan Annie (which was cancelled 4 years ago, but yep, that’s Daddy Warbucks trying to hire Tracy to find Annie), an in-universe homage to Al Capp’s Fearless Fosdick named J. Straightedge Trustworthy, a racehorse named Sparkplug disguised and renamed Quickdraw, a cameo appearance by a composite of Harpo and Chico Marx, AND a more-than-cameo appearance by real life comics legend Scott Shaw! (exclamation point part of his official name, ifyoudidntknow). It’s all starting to smell a lot like Yungbluth (and that is a wonderful scent). If you’re not helping write this glorious mess, you must at least be providing the Dick Tracy people your drugs…

  3. roaddragon

    I remember the Mad Magazine strip about the fellow and the rejection slips. Loved that one. Rock on!

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