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New Old Clarissa!

thumb_stufffedfriendAfter waiting for the rest of the Internet to delete all its extant duplicates of my Clarissa story “Stuffed Friend”, I have finally thrown up my hands and decided I had better cash in on this craze and post Stuffed Friend myself!

So now, my most famous Clarissa short is at last available for you to read on my Clarissa page!







  1. Steve

    Whenever I want to shock and awe somebody I show them your work JY, not necessarily WB but always with Clarissa.

  2. Scott CL

    That is the one of the best and most tragic short comics I have ever read. Excellent work. I don’t know what else to say.

  3. danny vegas

    Clarissa’s lesson on how to take a bath is easily your 2nd best Clarissa story….UP TO NOW…..

    Is it summer time yet?

  4. Whovian

    Your Clarissa stories are clearly very inspirational. Be proud – few comic artists manage to affect people like that.

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