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Weapon Brown 223

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February 13th, 2014

Weapon Brown 223


  1. Applemask

    Okay, Slumberland reference wins it.

  2. Sue Peirre N'Arly

    Ohhh ho! I was wondering if we would get a Nemo reference!
    This comic is one of the best things I ever did read. I can’t wait to see Calvin be taken to Brown Town.

  3. YouKnowWho

    How did that happen? In the second panel, Chuck and Cal are eye to eye. Chuck is asking a question. In the next panel, Cal is responding to a Syndicate soldier and Chuck is several yards away to the left.

    JY: Filthy lies! You are in league with my enemies! This interview is over!!

  4. roaddragon

    You’ll find that CAL moves quite quickly, as does his tiger. If ya have a dog and are faced with an adversary you’ll notice the dog will make a point to get in between.

  5. JY

    Damn you, YouKnowWho! Now I’ve spent an hour editing that damn panel!!! This frustration is causing my bladder to Making Urninuto!

  6. Helz

    JY, a simple jagged line separating Cal and Chuck would suffice.

    Seriously, a teddy bear icon and “Valentine” is my captcha??

  7. Harv

    I'm wondering more about Cal's gloves. They seem to be flickering in and out of existence.

    JY:Have no fear. They will appear in a special edition of the graphic novel!

  8. roaddragon

    hey, Happy Valentine’s Day, Helz! Ya got a bear with a heart on!

    -just wanted to see that in print…

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