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Leave Me Alone!

Why do people keep sending me cartoons about Peanuts in other, wackier contexts? I have no affinity for the work of Charles Schulz, but if I did, I would be outraged that people were besmirching it’s timeless, sweet-natured gags! FOR SHAME!


  1. Ginger Snap

    Jesus, Jason, I I I me me me. Y’know, if you weren’t so wrapped up in yourself, you might just happen to notice that “Stuffed Friend” is available for viewing by all Clarissa’s fans.
    But enough about you, possibly too much about you, I’m off to watch Clarissa.

  2. Steve

    that was simply awesome Ginger

  3. roaddragon

    He’s getting to that. The question is, do they do it better than ya? If not, no worries!

    ReCAPTCHA must be lonely, it’s talking again!

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