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Weapon Brown 185

December 11th, 2013

Weapon Brown 185


  1. Luke

    Shit fuck! Argh! Who’s who and what’s what? I sorta recognize the bulbous head with the bow (Zippy?). Turn the pic around!

  2. punx

    Zippy The Pinhead just to the left of the top corner of the second frame (by the \Right, Alright\ bubble)?
    Jughead to the right of second frame (by Annie’s head)? Not much of a profile but the nose…

    It’s late, but that’s all I can pick out at the moment….

  3. punx

    @Luke: HAHAHAHA I’m gonna guess that’s the one everyone’s gonna get….

  4. punx

    Mike Motley behind (assumed) Zippy?

  5. punx

    Hmmm, could be Dogwood to the right instead of Jughead….

  6. SquashedFox

    That’s Momma with the garbage can lid on her head. Also, I love the way Popeye is standing.

  7. MeatShield

    I love that in the first panel Popeye essentially looks like a tattooed smoking gorilla.

  8. Richard

    How long has it been since the Evil Spirit discovered their hideout? You’d think they’d have mobilized to get out of there a lot sooner.
    Of course in real time it’s been a year (really…October 2009) and in story time it’s probably been more like 24 hours.

  9. Sherlock_Watson

    The guy with a ring of hair on an otherwise bald head (in the left half of the pic) could be Brother Juniper; the straight-haired woman at the right edge could be Cathy; the flat-headed guy, visible just above the second panel, could be Leroy Lockhorn; and the fuzzy-headed person at the left edge could be Nancy. Of course, anyone here “could be” almost anyone.

    Love the reference to “Grin and Bear It” in the speech balloons. How many here remember that comic?

    – Eleven children tried to escape from Captcha; it caught “tenatha scamps,” but the last one got away.

  10. C. Mage

    I also like one of their comments, to “grin and bear it”.

  11. Bob

    Just to the left of the garbage can lid, standing in front of maybe-Cathy: Janis (as in Arlo’n')? It looks sort of like her old hairstyle, particularly the way it’s shaded.

    The hat and the belt just to Zippy’s right look familiar though I can’t quite place them. Also, you’d think those circular monstrosities up near the stage (one each on the left and right) would be easy to figure out, but I got nothin’.

    - The escaped child was, of course, ultimately responsible for the “fringle incident”.

  12. JY

    Save your guessing energy for Wednesday! (or, as Captcha calls it: Hurner Day)

  13. punx

    @JY: with all due respect, sir, FUCK YOU we are allowed to speculate to our misery’s content and be right and wrong on Wednesday, so there…. ;)

  14. Michael

    Yeah, JY. If you dole it out in dribs and drabs like this we reserve the right to entertain ourselves as we see fit.

    I’m calling Nancy just above and to the left of Zippy’s bulbous dome.

  15. JY

    Dribs you say? Drabs was it?? It sure don’t feel like dribs and drabs when I’m anchored to my art table doin’ them! Frazzle frappin rizzle rattin’ ingrate…

    Captcha ultra-rare World of Warcraft weapon: Fynn’s Scaptor

  16. roaddragon

    Love the peripheral conversations!

  17. Elfguy

    Now all we need is one guy muttering “Buggerem…buggerit…millienium hand and shrimp!”

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