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Name That Tune!

This is a clip from the recent Simpsons episode “YOLO”. Can anyone tell me the name of the song? I know I’ve heard it before playing over images of flowers blossoming and fawns frolicking, but I can’t identify it.

YouTube Preview Image


  1. legion

    The song is called “FOX and the DMCA say ‘Fuck You!’”

  2. Derdrom

    I remember that episode featured “You Only Live Twice”, the theme music of the James Bond movie of the same name. I wish Homer had also reprised the Max Powers song, to the tune of “Goldfinger”.

  3. Steve

    This video contains content from FOX, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.

  4. Richard

    Concerto in D Major, RV 93: Largo by Vivaldi.

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