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Coffee Break: Panel Monster


  1. Steve

    Doesn’t Disney own somewhat similar characters? Do we have to start up a Jason Yungbluth legal fund now?

  2. NaOH

    I thought Disney was a many-eyed and tentacled monster.

  3. Tom

    “sorry for partying” – Panel Monster

  4. punx

    Dig the Beck/Bachmann Elder Turd far right LOL

  5. Richard

    You put a hole in my reality, bastard.

  6. Simon_Jester

    My compliments on that figure in the lower left corner of the last panel. Best rendition of Ann Coulter I’ve ever seen

  7. SherlockWatson

    JY, did you get the idea for this from “Wonder Showzen”?

    — ReCaptcha finds your eomsHu considerable…

    JY: I forget where it is I steal my ideas from.

  8. roaddragon

    That would be Muppets, actually; they’re glad to get any job. Excellent ultra-wide-open mouth and Muppet arm wave! That brainfuck last panel scared my inner child, and he’s a mean bastard! Well done!

  9. Sven DiMilo

    I’ve finally recovered sufficiently from an Outer-Madness-induced grand mal seizure to comment:

  10. Justin

    I love this so much.

  11. Matthew J. Fazio

    This weapon Brown update is taking FOREVER.

  12. lkjlskdjf

    Where is the fresh Brown?

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