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Tee Teaser

Here is the art for the cover to Blockhead’s War #6. What do you think foks: new T-shirt?


  1. Rob Base

    It’s a must have, to bad with the pre-order you couldn’t throw a print of this in ;)

  2. Paul

    God yes, please allow me to cover my torso with this

  3. JY

    You guys sound enthusiastic, but your avatars appear skeptical!

    (At least, that is what I Ssoachi Assume.)

  4. Jody

    Sold. I’ll take two.

  5. Baughbe

    I thinks its a law that I will have to have it as I have him as my special cover from before.

  6. Josh

    Just take our money already.

  7. marvodamighty

    *starts selling pints of blood* I’m out of work but I want 5 shirts , for my entire family.

  8. Olentzero

    There aren’t enough syllables in “FUCK YES” for this one.

  9. roaddragon

    Ooh! That would be awesome at the car shows! Let’s get it on the road!

  10. Katy

    I demand respect. I am not a fok.

    Oh, never mind, just sell me the damn t-shirt already.

  11. mudfoot

    Pops T-shirts yes. Hell I’ll take most any design with Pops on it. I even like the one where he’s smokin spiniach…. that you haven’t done yet.

    It’s a mentshmoo year!

  12. wildcard

    i need this shirt since my nick name is “fill pops” but u need to put his name under him

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