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Geeking out!

The Stuffed Friend animated short is growing closer to completion. Check out the Clarissa puppet! Have you visited the cartoon’s web page yet?  


  1. Steve

    I can’t wait to see this, it is going to be awesome. Weapon Brown may be your baby JY, but Clarissa wins hands down, it is by far some of the best work I’ve ever seen in graphic art. I really look forward to any upcoming Clarissa stories. Keep up the awesome work.

    Is this going to be in German? English? Subtitled?

  2. JY

    Thanks Steve-O. Once I have wrapped Weapon Brown I can finally get that new Clarissa story I have been teasing everyone with completed. Christ I’m exhausted…

    The film will be in English, I believe. I am hoping to enter it into some animation festivals, too.

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  3. 3BAC

    Website states it premiers tonight!

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