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Head Count!

If any of you have ordered a copy of Deep Fried #4 from Indy Planet, please let me know. I think I may not have been credited for a few sales, but they don’t send me invoices so I can’t be sure. Comment here or drop me an e-mail.UPDATE: On the other hand, Rand, and this opinion may just be the result of the LSD-soaked frozen embryo I just snarfed, but don’t lets forget that the Civil Rights Act is what made the first black president possible. So when that’s the worst thing in the world to you, because some five-toothed half-tard can’t refuse a guy a public restroom… well, why not try being the part of the Republican party that recruits blacks instead of trying to squirt lemon juice in their eyes?  


  1. carlos cordova

    i ordered mine!

  2. charles boylan

    i ordered one last week

  3. Tim Willard

    I ordered one. I mean, a Weapon Brown comic in it, and you’d think I’m not going to order it? Come on. Of course I jumped on that with both feet!


  4. RSW666

    Ordered 8/4/10. My clammy hands shake with anticipation! (WB withdrawal is hell!)
    Captcha makes it easy; Name Consort. Jenna Haze, I choose you!

  5. jess

    I just ordered.

    I’d be happy for a subscription, btw…

  6. RSW666

    Got mine yesterday. Read it 3 times until I was too sore to read anymore.
    Captcha is descriptive; Woody Perfectly.

  7. Tim Willard

    Just got mine yesterday.


  8. Jim Otermat

    I tried ordering one yesterday and today, but once I log-in at IndyPlanet, I get told that they’re “being updated and overhauled — please bear with us. The site will be functional again soon.” Does make ordering a little difficult.

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