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When comics ATTACK!

Those of you who thought that Deep Fried #4 would never arrive, you nattering nabobs of negativism (note to self: beam that one back in time for Spiro Agnew to use) were wrong as usual! Behold my freshly birthed comic, still slick with its mother’s juices, tearing at my roomate’s throat! Deep Fried is not some weakling bunny rabbit of a comic! Deep Fried is born ready to kill! Remember that when you start receiving them in the mail next week! — I’m SO glad that the Gulf oil spill has disappeared from our minds and that the devastation wrecked upon virtually half the continent for a full quarter year has melted away like last Wednesday’s ice cream cone. Now we can concentrate on more important questions, such as if the Tea Party is tinged with racism. You may have thought this was a settled matter, that the placards of Obama with a bone through his nose, the Manchurian Candidate level of paranoia about Obama’s birth certificate, the ACORN/Pimp hoax and a dozen other self-inflicted paper cuts by this torpid “movement” would have painted a pretty clear picture of a revanchist white electorate on a witch hunt. 

Andrew Breitbart Once shot a puppy just for snoring    

But instead we have the Shirley Sherrod matter to befuddle us. You know, it is great being white these days. I love having the spokesmen for my skin color, be they anal warts like Andrew Breitbart or “satirists” such as Mark Williams, trying to wind me up and suggest that the election of Barack Obama means that finally the shoe is on the other foot, and that whites are at last the underclass in this country,  the subject of campaigns of bigotry hatched at the Department of Agriculture since at least the early 80’s. There is a divide in this country, and it is akin to the one that Shirley Sherrod addressed directly in her speech to the NAACP. It is not the divide between white and black, however.  it is between haves and have nots, and here I’m referring to education. Those that have even a working man’s education should be able to take something like the Shirley Sherrod video (hacked up or not) and immediately place her sentiments,– as well as the nature of the people she is delivering them to and the organization at whose conference she is appearing–  into their historical context, then contrast it with the motivations of a political hitman like Breitbart, and detect the manufactured controversy. People like that are not vulnerable to such naked race-baiting. Then there is Breitbart’s intended audience (or Beck’s, or Limbaugh’s), people who can be easily  smothered by incoherent rhetoric until they come away with a head full of intellectual waste, asking only the question he wants them to ask : “How come they can call themselves niggers but I can’t?” It is a mind fuck worthy of Inception, and I am tired of people pretending that it is not calculated, that it is not a deliberate effort by the right wing to try and spin racism into November gold. Whether or not it works, it is further evidence that conservatism is (to quote Steely Dan) skating backwards at the speed of light. Republicans are half the political class in this country. Whether or not this strategy works for them, eventually it hurts us all. I guess what I’m saying is, does anyone have a bus they could drive over Andrew Breitbart’s crotch a few times while the Harlem Globetrotters jizz on his wife’s screaming face? Because that’s a video I would like to debut on my site.


  1. Jorpho

    Education? Are you implying that political ills could be cured by mere schooling? That seems unlikely.

  2. Heretic

    The thinly veiled racism that the tea baggers cater to was already present in their “base”. They did not have to deceive their cohorts into taking a racist stance. All they had to do was tell them that it was ok to do so. Most of their kind would rather see this country fail than to see it succeed with a black president. Education will not help this mindset. The only thing that will is the fact that their close minded, racist, fundamentalist belief set does hinder them somewhat and will make them less able to compete in a increasingly vicious world. Most will discard their beloved predjuices as the luxury that they are leaving an increasingly marginalized, desperate, well-armed fringe of racist zealots. At that point, the problem will sort of solves itself when they finally go on a Beck and Limbaugh fueled suicidal rampage, leaving nothing but a few poorly written protest songs and the occasional cache of overpriced gold coins to remember them by.

  3. Jody

    Excellent caricature of that drunken rage gorilla.

    And part of the reason their audience is so easily smothered by their rhetoric is the fact that they WANT to be bamboozled. These people are not interested in the truth so much as they are validation for their perpetually self-pitying worldview.

  4. Danny Vegas

    I remember my psych prof-this was in the late 80’s, he said we’d accomplished nothing with the civil rights movement, that racism was alive and well, that in the future we would be looking at turmoil which would make the southern violence look like a tea party(guy had a crystal ball-the wording he used). History recreates itself in 40-50 year patterns, each beginning(or ending)in a 5-10 year instance of great upheaval. Personally i’ve been waiting for a long time to see what these years would bring. Not long ago I thought it to be forced governmental reorganization, but its become increasingly apparent that the difficulties we now face are in fact racially based no matter what color you paint it. I’m personally ignorent regarding the motivation post Martin Luther King-I learned something, was I alone? “those who dont remember their history are destened to repeat it” I know too many college educated people who need to be reminded what a terriff is for, or what Upton Sinclair’s “The Jungle” was about. Education isnt the problem, memory and the appreciation of what has gone before is.

  5. Bert Ferrero

    The right seem to get off on the perverse race baiting one sided screaming match amongst themselves. This is why I think not just the Tea Party movement, and Republicanism are tied to the crazy contingent of the US. The discourse we could be having about better living, has slowly de-evolved into a shouting match of monkey’s flinging poo. I’ve had to turn off the spew mouths on the cable, and local news channels. It gets to be a weight of negativity, and there are so many other things to be occupied with.

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