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Coffee Break: Easter Island

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  1. Roy

    I laughed so hard that I pezzed in my pants.
    Thanks man, I needed that.

  2. Tomathuvudet

    I’m tempted to use profanity to describe how awesome this was

  3. Andrusi


  4. sentroller

    Umm, guess no coffee and lack of sleep made me think that the head was turning into a toilet. Took me a a few moments to figure out what it really was showing. I love Pez almost as much as I like watching the new katy perry song nude bum:).

  5. Jody

    //standing ovation

  6. Zaratustra

    Um, hate to say this, but.


  7. vectoranvil

    Good joke. I’ve seen that exact same gag on the Perry Bible Fellowship ( will provide link if asked ), but that doesn’t deminish your rendering of it.
    I like how your art has evolved over the years, and how you diversify the thickness of contour. I often browse your comic archive for references for my art even if most of the jokes escape me. Looking forward to see your art evolve even more, master. Keep up the good work.

  8. JY

    Anyone with information about how these other cartoonists acquired a TARDIS so that they could steal my joke from the future are asked to contact Dr. Who immediately.

    Captcha opinion on cubed beef: Skewers Well

  9. Baughbe

    And now you know where the Stonehenge rocks came from. Now class for extra credit, explain how they were transported half-way across the planet using reeds and mushrooms.
    Appropriate ReCaptcha: education frightful

  10. Ryan J. Smith

    I can one-up all these guys saying some other webcomic did this gag; this gag was done in Marvel’s Ren & Stimpy comic adaptation back in 1993. I forget which issue exactly.

  11. Nostalgia D

    Bonus points for The Critic clip.

  12. Baughbe

    Just because it’s old doesn’t mean it’s not funny. If I had a dime for all the times somebody stole one of my ideas before I had it, I’d have at least enough for a shrimp dinner. Remember, Newton wasn’t the first guy to invent calculus, he just had better figs.

  13. peepants

    JY I must know , what flavor Pez were in the Easter Island heads?

  14. wood pussy

    peeps marshmallow flavor

  15. Jody

    I can one up each and every one of these cartoonists by stating that the actual statues on Easter Island really do produce delicious, gigantic pez candies when their heads are pulled back. And that these in turn were based on primitive cave paintings drawn by the amphibious pre-human inhabitants of that isle millions of years ago, as they danced before their flip-top headed god.

  16. llksdjf


  17. FDude

    Woah, so many easter head = pez dispenser gags in so many comics. First time I even *heard* of Pez was when the same gag was done in a Ren & Stimpy comic.

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